Dowling Community Garden


Garden location

Onaping Falls Lions Club 27 Sturgeon St, Dowling, P0M 1R0


Name: Bernice Ferguson, Dowling CAN Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 289-925-9887
Facebook: Facebook Page

Type of garden



To strengthen our community and create supportive environments by providing opportunities for all who desire to participate in our garden;

Increase knowledge and develop personal skills by providing education to local schools and community members with opportunities to enhance their gardening skills;

Build a stronger and more resilient community through sustainable gardening practices.


  • We have 4 large beds measuring 45x38x25 inches and 2 6x6 feet beds. The entire garden is planted, planned, and maintained by volunteers.

Gardening - techniques used

  • organic gardening: we use triple mix, mulch, perlite, Meeker's mix,┬ámanure, peat moss

Cost to participate


Produce and Plants

We plant various vegetables.


The garden is situated at the Onaping Lions Club in Dowling. Watering is achieved via hose.


Each year we welcome all who would like to participate in the planning, planting, and maintenance of the garden.