Garden location

414 St. Raphael Street, Sudbury


Name: Garth Wunsch (note contact via email is preferred)
Phone: 705-626-3183
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: garden of eatin' at all nations church -

Type of garden

Benevolent plus assigned plots. This is more like the British Allotment Garden system. These allotments are big enough to grow a serous amount of food.

Allotments are open to anyone willing to help with the benevolent plots, which support Genevra House, N.O.A.H., and Elgin Street Mission.


We plan on developing two or three benevolent plots at 20’ x 20’. We have ground for at least twenty plots of that size. These are “in ground”, not raised beds. They require some work to get started, but our first plot last year was extremely productive. Gardeners will be able to retain their same plot year to year, provided they keep their plot weed free and actively garden it each year. If a gardener wishes to have raised beds, they may do so at their own expense. Gardeners are expected to contribute labour to the benevolent plots, compost, and infrastructure development.

As of May 27, 2017, four plots are spoken for; sixteen are for rent.


  • Totally organic and we encourage “No Dig” practice after the first season (need to remove rocks and weeds).
  • We are big into mulch gardening to eliminate weeds, retain soil nutrients and soil structure.
  • The soil is native sandy loam. Amended by gardeners as they see fit. We have had donations of straw for mulch and some manure for the benevolent garden plots.

Cost to participate

First season on a new undug plot will be free. $25 dollars per season thereafter. Two plots are reserved as free for our supported Syrian family.

Produce and Plants

Whatever the gardener wants to grow, provided it stays within their plot boundary, does not shade out a neighbouring garden, and is not invasive.


We have community compost bins, but basically nothing else at this point. We bring our own water, but because of our mulch gardening methods, very little water was required to produce a bumper crop last year. Gardeners supply their own tools. The driveway is gated, but should the gate be closed, it is only a short walk to the garden.


We have 6 volunteers, and looking for additional volunteers.


We have full sun, on flat land that requires some initial work. The garden lead offers his sixty years of organic gardening experience to any that want it, but they must do their own work.

Our Sponsors and Friends of the Garden

Sponsored by All Nations Church. Rental will go to building infrastructure and supporting the benevolent plots.