We envision...

A food garden for every neighborhood

Our mission…

To increase opportunities and access to community gardening in the Sudbury District.

  • Strengthen and build community by ensuring that local neighbourhoods, particularly underserved areas have opportunities for community, school, and neighborhood gardening
  • Develop outreach, education, and skill building programs to cultivate and sustain community-based gardens
  • Build support for community-based gardening through networking, advocacy, and activism

The Sudbury Community Garden Network is the proud recipient of the 2018 Sudbury Community Builders Awards – Environment!

Community gardens in Sudbury are created, planted, maintained and harvested by a small army of “hyper-active” volunteers and local food champions who are dedicated to building a healthy community. Our gardeners learn healthy eating, food security, gardening and conservation. Our gardens are located at schools, churches, seniors’ homes and parks and make good use of previously under-utilized land.

The Sudbury Community Garden Network was established in 2008 and is a volunteer-driven grassroots organization.

The Sudbury Community Garden Network is the connector among Greater Sudbury’s many community gardens. They fill that need for community gardens to learn from each other, share resources and work collaboratively. They also look at the “big picture” to foster new community gardens where they are most needed. The Sudbury Community Garden Network plays a very important role in our community.