Garden location

Laurentian University
935 Ramsey Lake Rd, Sudbury, ON, P3E 2C6


Name: Charles W. Ramcharan, School of the Environment and Coop. Freshwater Ecology Unit, Laurentian University
Phone: 705-675-1151 x4802
Email: [email protected]

Type of garden

For loan.


The Laurentian Voyageurs garden has 12 large plots (1.5 x 5 m) for individual gardeners and four even larger plots (1.5 x 8 m) for communal gardening such as potatoes, tomatoes, squashes, and strawberries. All plots are in-ground. Several plots have an automated, sub-surface drip irrigation system. For 2017, we plan to replace at least the four communal garden plots with raised bed, wicking garden boxes. We have a grant from the Toronto Dominion Friends of the Environment Foundation to assist with this.

We have three plots open for 2017. Because our plots are so large, it's not uncommon for two people to share one plot. You do NOT have to be at Laurentian University to use the garden.


Organic gardening: we use triple mix, mulch, perlite, Meeker's mix, manure, peat moss

Cost to participate

All of our plots are free.

Use of the plots and tools, and supply of water is free. It's up to each gardener to supply his/her own soil amendments, plants, plant stakes, etc.

Produce and Plants

We produce vegetables, fruit, and herbs.
We have several different varieties of apple trees as well as extensive natural raspberry thickets.


Water: Water is a perennial problem as the nearest water supply is about 150 m away. A waterline that runs through the forest fills ten, 45-gallon drums that sit on a hill, and our water supply is gravity fed from there.
Other: We have a well-stocked tool shed (no power tools).
Fencing: The area is not fenced and we do have occasional losses of produce to mice, deer, and people.