Garden location

Ridgemount Playground, 3088 Claude Street, Sudbury, ON


Name: Keith Argent
Email:  [email protected]
Phone: 705-698 8259
Facebook: Minnow Lake Lions

Type of garden

Minnow Lake Lions Community Garden will provide recreational. social and physical exercise to residents of Minnow Lake but focusing on seniors, mobility challenged and apartment dwellers. The Lions Club will be the core workers to ensure the continuity of the  Gardens but inviting the targeted groups to participate.


Currently we are starting with 8 -2ftX 6ft elevated beds ( table height).

After the first year we will evaluate and consider options.

We have water available as well as the Den for washrooms and refreshments.

Cost to participate

Currently we have no cost to join our gardening group. During planting and growing season the current garden group will meet one day a week to socialize and do the necessary gardening.


We wish to thank Linda Hachez, the Sudbury Community Garden Network and the City of Sudbury for helping us make this community garden happen.