Garden location

1475 Gary Street, Sudbury, ON

Our garden is dedicated to the late Fabio Belli, Councillor 2010-2014, who was a driving force behind the establishment of our garden.


Name: Rachelle Niemela
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 705-822-1276

Type of garden

Benevolent: Our garden's produce is for neighbourhood families in need and we also donate to the Samaritan Center.


  • six 4 x 8 feet plots
  • four 4 x 4 feet plots (configured as wicking beds)
  • three 4 feet round cement plots
  • in-ground Creator Turtle Garden
  • two apple trees, two cherry trees, one plum tree
  • a milkweed plot to attract monarch butterflies
  • a tree guild around one of our apple trees
  • a spiral herb garden
  • 3 larger ground-level plots for pumpkins, squash and other vegetables


  • organic gardening: we use triple mix, mulch, perlite, Meeker's mix,┬ámanure, peat moss

Cost to participate


Produce and Plants

We produce vegetables, fruit, and herbs.
We plant flowers and vegetables in collaboration with local schools who plant seeds and nurture seedlings for us, and then have a fun planting day at the garden.


Water source: municipal water hookup and rain barrels
Washrooms: a porta-potty is available at the park
Seating: one picnic table at the gardens, additional seating at the community building
Children: children welcome! We have playground equipment at the park
Tools available: watering cans, hose, wheelbarrow, shovels, rake, gardening tools, gloves
Storage: small locked shed for gardening tools at the garden site; large storage for larger items at the community building
Composting: 3 wooden and 1 plastic compost bins
Fencing: we put up a winter snow fence in order to protect our garden from snowmobiles


We are seeking volunteers to help with expanding the gardens, planting in the spring, watering and weeding during the summer, and harvesting periodically to bring to organizations like the Samaritan Center.


Our wicking beds have been lined with plastic, and then filled with weeping tile and small stones, and then topped with soil. These are experimental beds that require less watering in the summer because the bottom of the beds act as a water basin to store rain water. We are monitoring to see how beneficial this configuration is to drought conditions.

Our Sponsors and Friends of the Garden

  • Bob's Service Center
  • Church of the Ascension
  • City of Greater Sudbury
  • Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury - Project Impact
  • Cyril Varney Public School
  • Ecole St. Dominique
  • The Elevate Project
  • Ellero Marble & Granite Mfg. Ltd.
  • Fruit for All
  • Greater Sudbury Community Gardens Network
  • Home Depot
  • Linda Hachez, Master Gardener
  • Lo-Ellen High School
  • New Sudbury Best Start Hub
  • Rainbow Concrete
  • TD Friends of the Environment
  • Vale
  • Will Morin, Designer Creator Turtle Garden