Garden location

ANDERSON FARM Museum 550 Regional Rd #24, (Main St.) Lively ON P3Y 1N2

Type of garden

Benevolent. We are an all inclusive garden, and welcome anyone who wants to help out and reap the rewards!


We currently have one raised bed, a large in ground plot, fruit trees and perennial berry bushes.


We follow organic gardening practices: we use Meekers Mix, triple mix, and vermiculite

Cost to participate


Produce and Plants

We produce vegetables, fruit, and herbs.
We plant flowers and vegetables in collaboration with local schools who plant seeds and nurture seedlings for us, and then have a fun planting day at the garden. We also receive a portion of seedlings from our local Walden Home Hardware.


Water source: volunteers attach a hose (found in the shed) to the water source on the side of the farm house, the hose can be used but must be put away after use.  We are currently awaiting approval to build a rain barrel stand in hopes that we can conserve water and have easier accessibility to water the garden.

Washrooms: Located inside the stable, they are available only during museum hours, or special events.

Seating: one picnic table at the gardens.

Children: Children welcome! We have playground equipment in view of the garden.

Tools available: watering cans, hose, wheelbarrow, shovels, rake, gardening tools, gloves

Storage: small locked shed for gardening tools at the garden site.

Composting: 1 wooden compost bins, for plant waste only!


We are seeking volunteers to help with expanding the gardens, planting in the spring, watering and weeding during the summer, and harvesting periodically to bring to the Walden Food Bank.


Name: Leigh Anne Cecchetto
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Walden Community Garden

Our Sponsors and Friends of the Garden

  • Walden Home Hardware
  • Pinehill Lumber
  • Walden Lions Club
  • Walden Seniors and Pensioners Woodshop
  • Anderson Farm Museum
  • City of Greater Sudbury